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As a 1st grade teacher, my classroom walls were always pretty bare at the beginning of the school year.  The reason for this was I wanted the students to take ownership of the classroom!  Why hang a premade poster when I could have the students create it themselves? By having students make the resources they were more likely to use them throughout the year.  

One resource I had students create was the Alphabet Frieze that I would hang above the board.  Each student selected the letter they wanted to illustrate.  By allowing student choice the student-created alphabet frieze was much more used by students than the premade one I had used in the past.  

As you set up your classroom, consider NOT using a store bought alphabet frieze. Read how to easily have students create the alphabet display for your classroom!
The Reading Roundup

Click here to download the FREE Alphabet Frieze template!

Below is an alphabet chart that you can use with your students as a reference when creating their Alphabet Frieze.  You can make it a poster for the classroom or add to students’ writing folders.

The Reading Roundup
Click here to download the alphabet chart.

What types of classroom resources do you have students create? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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Student-Created Alphabet Wall Frieze


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