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It’s summertime!! Let’s celebrate the carefree days of summer with some read alouds. Whether you’re teaching summer school or keeping kids busy reading, you’ll love these summer picture books!

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Summer Picture Books

Summer Picture Books - The World Belonged to Us

The World Belonged to Us

Jacqueline Woodson has a beautiful way with words. The World Belonged to Us captures all of the excitement of summertime in Brooklyn. From running through the water from the hydrant to chasing ice cream trucks, readers can envision every detail!

Summer Picture Books: Saffron Ice Cream

Saffron Ice Cream

When Rashin moves from Iran to New York City, she is excited about her first trip to the beach in her new home. She wonders what it will be like. Saffron Ice Cream by Rashin Kheiriyeh explores the similarities and differences in the beaches of both countries and introduces students to a culture that may be different than their own.

Summer Picture Books: Summer Song

Summer Song

Summer Song is one of four books in Kevin Henkes’ seasonal series (Winter is Here, When Spring Comes, & In the Middle of Fall). This is quite the departure from his stories we all know and love. But with its beautiful descriptive imagery of summer sounds, it’s a must-have mentor text – especially to use when teaching poetry!

Summer Picture Books: Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps

Gaia Cornwall is following up her successful book Jabari Tries with another popular book Jabari Jumps. In this story, Jabari must work up his courage to overcome his fear of the diving board. Definitely a story most kids can relate to this summer!

Summer Picture Books: Cannonball


One young boy is on a mission to perform the perfect cannonball. He receives plenty of advice from others but realizes maybe he should listen to his own voice. Cannonball by Sacha Cotter teaches us the importance of overcoming our fears and being ourselves.

Summer Read Alouds: Summer Vacation Here I Come

Summer Vacation, Here I Come!

Summer Vacation, Here I Come is a collection of summertime poems by D.J. Steinberg who also wrote the popular book Kindergarten, Here I Come! The poems celebrate all the fun aspects of summer vacation kids look forward to like swimming in the local pool or going on a road trip. Students can even write their own summer poems!

Summer Read Alouds: It Began with Lemonade

It Began With Lemonade

It Began with Lemonade by Gideon Sterer celebrates the simple act of setting up a lemonade stand. When the main character realizes there’s no place for her to set up her stand, she seeks out a new spot… one that brings the most unexpected customers. This fun story will spark young readers’ imaginations!

Summer Read Alouds: When Lola Visits

When Lola Visits

A young girl’s favorite part of summer is when her Lola comes to visit from the Philippines. Together they share their culture’s summer traditions. When Lola Visits by Michelle Sterling is a beautiful story about the bonds that bring families together across generations.

Summer Read Alouds: And Then Comes Summer

And Then Comes Summer

And Then Comes Summer is an ideal mentor text for working on descriptive writing as the author Tom Brenner beautifully describes all of our favorite things about summer. It will leave you wishing it could be summer all year long!

Summer Read Alouds: Goldfish on Vacation

Goldfish On Vacation

It’s looking like a boring vacation for H, Little O, and Baby Em because they don’t get to go anywhere. But after some exciting news, it looks like summer might not be so boring after all. Their pet goldfish are the ones that get to go on vacation, but where would goldfish go? Goldfish on Vacation by Sally Lloyd-Jones is based on an amazing but true story that will inspire young imaginations! 

What other read alouds about summer do you love using? Share in the comments!

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